Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mom, look there's a line!

In hindsight, this is funny, however at the time, NOT so much! Sunday at noon, Jack came to me and told me his "privates" hurt. Yes, I know TMI! I played it off, but at 7pm he continued and I noticed him wincing and as you all know from being at my house, my boys do not like clothes. So come bath time both of them stripped down and Jack ran to me pulling up his privates and said "Mom, look there's a line!" Now I'm not very shy, but this did not feel like a mom moment, but rather a DAD moment and thankfully just then Frank walked in the door from work. Never have I felt uncomfortable with my boys, and I think they know that because Jack was awfully close to me, not realizing that boys "privates" should not be that close to their mother's face. Ok, so anyway after a brief once over Frank and I believed Jack was suffering from appendicitis and off they went to the emergency room. Here's the interesting part, when they got there, the doctor ordered a TON of tests as he thought.......(guys brace yourselves) Jack had twisted testicles.........oh the poor kid! But as luck would have it, Jack was absolutely fine. The doctor chalked it up to Jack's shots he received two days prior. He's acting just fine, in fact tomorrow morning he and I are going to the elementary school where he'll attend kindergarten in the fall for a "preview kindergarten" morning and he's totally thrilled. He's always been independent and smart. I love him unconditionally even when he makes me uncomfortable with boy "issues."

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Special Olympics and Meade Family Fundraiser

Saturday night was another fundraiser to help the Meade Family and also Special Olympics and it was quite eventful! This was our 9th annual Candlelight Bowling event and normally we raise money to benefit Special Olympics, but as you know Allison Meade was diagnosed with ALL at 9 1/2 weeks and is to undergo a bone marrow transplant in March, we decided to divide the profits between these two worthy causes. We raised more money than in the 9 year prior and it was definitely a lot of fun! Again of ton of fun and lots of beverages were had by all! Thank you to everyone that participated. Enjoy the pics from last night!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our lazy Saturday

So I'm excited to say my new lens arrived today! The boys and I had fun taking pictures.........especially Ant who is always a ham. He is always saying "just one more picture mom!"And how could you not take a picture of that face! I'm happy with the lens, although I'm quite the amateur....always playing around with apetures and such....so here a few of my faves from today on this awefully cold Saturday. I hope to share more after this evening's bowling event for the Meade Family and Special Olympics.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So, I got a bit of good news today, but as all you wonderful mommies must know........it's a bit premature to share. Stay tuned! I also treated myself to a new lens that I had been wanting. (happy belated birthday to me!) My uncle Richie always takes some really cool pictures and has all the "neat" lenses so slowly I'm catching up. As soon as I get it, I'll be sure to post some new pics of the boys as the ones posted from the weightlifting competition were from my point and shoot camera(and taken by the kids!)

I felt so sorry for Jack today as he got his 5 year old shots (trying to beat the summer rush) and he screamed like never before. Usually it's Anthony that's my sensitive one and Jack's the tough one, but today they switched roles and I felt horrible when he called me at work crying. It all turned around though when he left the gym after Frank's workout and found a $5 bill on the ground. He bought lunch for himself and Anthony.........I thought it was sweet and thoughtful! Just another reminder that sometimes children will act graciously when unprompted and unguided. He made me proud!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

So, Valentine's Day, romantic right? We spent the day in Milwaukee for a weightlifting competition. Frank was nervous, but said when he heard Jack scream out, "Come on, Dad!" he had it! And he did!
It was a long day when we arrived at 11am for Frank to weigh in and we didn't get home till 8pm. The boys were good (even though there were only 4 other kids there) fighting ensued, all was good! Frank was very happy to win at his 1st competition.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

So,I decided to start this blog for my kids...........as if they are able to read! Really, it's so I can keep extended family up to date on their lives and activities. I know the kids will be excited as I follow friends blogs and they love to see the photos on those sites. So I look forward to showing the boys all the work and photos which will go into this blog.