Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kindergarten AND First Grade????

Yep, both my boys are in school full time and it was very strange being home alone today. They went right to it with a full day on the first day. It was weird as Ant was asking a LOT of questions last night that we knew were insignificant, like "what if I forget my lunch at home and what if I forget which bus I'm one" on and so on. We eased his emotions as his big brother is now a big 1st grader who is now the big helper! I didn't know if Ant was actually going to get on the bus this morning...he just kept staring back at me, then stared at the bus driver, then me. All I kept hearing was Jack saying was "Ant, back here!" I felt a tear coming up, but I kept it back under my HUGE black shades. The last pic in this is the one that got me. Ant and I made eye contact and he said "Mom I love you." He's definitely my baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They both had a great day and really like their teachers and that's all that matters!

Can you tell we're White Sox Fans?

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